About Jim

Pretty-Well Rounded Background


Jim has operated his own businesses, worked for the Federal government, been a real estate developer, and is a part-time Catholic bishop (not the standard issue, however) and is a real estate developer – quite an array of interests and activities, and he has loved them all.

Communicating Ideas


There is nothing Jim likes to do better than  to wrestle with big ideas, to constantly churn them in his mind, to discuss them with people of all walks of life ... and then to communicate them through speaking (to about 35,000 people per year for over 20 years) and writing. Nothing is off bounds to inspection, for Jim. 

Political Activities


Jim lives in the Washington, DC area, and goes to many political events, workshops, issues discussion, presentations and speeches, candidate forums, etc. He knows many organizations and their leaders in Washington. He loves politics, because that is a primary way people's lives can get better.

Catholic Bishop


Jim Burch is Principal Bishop 

of The Catholic Dioceses of One Spirit (www.OneSpiritCatholic.org), a progressive Catholic organization based on Jesus’ original “universal” spirituality.   

Real Estate Development


Jim Burch has been a real estate developer for several decades, and was the original developer of National Harbor on the Potomac River near Washington, DC.  His interest is in large monumental projects, of benefit for all. He is working on one of those now. 



Jim is married to Patty Burch, a nurse. They have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. Jim and Patty love the water, and can often be found on the Potomac River on their boat.