Jim Burch is available as a speaker


Jim Burch would be honored to speak to your group.

He is not a traditional "motivational speaker." Jim knows for a fact - and can show you how it is - that whatever we humans call "God" (or Allah, Jehovah, Yahway, Great Spirit, Higher Consciousness, or - best of all - Loving Consiciousness, lives within each of us, every one of us.  We are not trying to scratch our way up to it, but rather trying (by the simple fact of existence and life) to discover how it is that we are it - the candle in the sun (but not the whole sun), the drop in the ocean (but not the all of the ocean).  The candle has all the characteristics of the sun, and the drop has all the characteristics of the ocean. In the words from the movie, The Help: "You are kind; You are smart; You are important!"  To understand that makes all the difference in the world. To see it means you can change your mind, right now, and BE the individuated manifestation of Loving Consciousness that is already your real inner core.

Would having your employees, or your members, or your associates, understand the perfection that is at their core - would it help make them better, help make them more aware, energized and alive than they are now?

Change your perspective, change your life!

There is no "preaching" here, and no evangelization or trying to change people's minds.  Jim builds on the foundations people already have. While coming from a Christian background, and not hiding from that, Jim easily relates to Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and other persuasions always in the audience, because he talks of universal, human resonances and understandings.  Non-Christians are usually the ones who come up first after a talk to tell him, "That's what I believe!  Why haven't I heard it said that way before?" Jim deeply believes - as ultimately does every religion, culture, philosophy or theology - that (whatever it is we each call) Divinity lives within each and every human being.  As a result, he honors that Divinity within each and every person at his talks.  This is not simply accommodation or "tolerance" (the worst human virtue when it causes people to think: "I'm so good, I can even put up with you."), but rather a conviction that God's garden has many beautiful flowers. It is not a gratuitous veneer, but rather an acknowledgement of reality.

Jim's work is speaking and writing about spiritual matters ... not in a dusty, medieval, theological framework, but in the joyous reality of the gift of life here today. Feeling the great urge to move beyond the cliches of the past, he has studied the Gospels in the context of their times, of our time, of the great scientific discoveries, and of the way people today look at things, all to get at the deeper reality of our everyday existence - the "Heaven" Within.

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